Rise and Shine: The Life of an HVAC Technician

As the sun rises over Lake Wales, FL, I start my day with Ridge Energy Savers. My name’s Mike, and I’ve been working as an HVAC technician for the past five years. Today promises to be a busy one, with air conditioning issues popping up all over our service area.

7:00 AM: Morning Briefing

I arrive at the office for our daily team meeting. We review the day’s schedule, discuss any urgent calls that came in overnight, and go over safety protocols. Today, I’m assigned to handle several AC repair jobs in Winter Haven and Bartow.

8:30 AM: First Call – AC Service in Winter Haven

My first stop is a routine AC service in Winter Haven. The homeowner has been diligent about maintenance, so it’s a quick job to clean the filters, check the refrigerant levels, and ensure everything’s running smoothly.

10:00 AM: Emergency AC Repair in Bartow

I rush to Bartow for an emergency repair. The customer’s air conditioner has completely stopped working, and with Florida’s heat, it’s crucial to get it fixed ASAP. After diagnosing the issue, I replace a faulty capacitor and get their system up and running again.

1:00 PM: Lunch Break and Supply Run

I grab a quick lunch and restock my truck with common repair parts at our Auburndale supply center.

2:30 PM: HVAC Installation Consultation in Haines City

Next, I head to Haines City for a consultation on a new HVAC installation. I discuss energy-efficient options with the homeowner and provide an estimate for the work.

4:00 PM: Air Conditioner Service in Cypress Gardens

My final stop of the day is in Cypress Gardens for an air conditioner service. I perform a thorough inspection, clean the condenser coils, and advise the homeowner on proper maintenance techniques.

6:00 PM: Wrap-up and Reporting

Back at the office, I complete my paperwork, log the day’s activities, and prepare for tomorrow. It’s been a long day, but knowing I’ve helped keep our customers cool and comfortable makes it all worthwhile.

Working for Ridge Energy Savers allows me to serve our community, from Lake Wales to Winter Haven and beyond. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to help people stay comfortable in their homes and businesses. It’s a rewarding career that keeps me on my toes and always learning.